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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
I am downloading the VM right now, I too want to try this. My OC is rock solid at 3 GHz. I followed the guide and I got a 8101 unit. Will update with the PPD estimation. I set the VB process in task manager to low to do some other stuff in the mean time in Windows.
I don't think my system can cut the mustard for the 8101, it already took more than 10 mins to process and is not done yet at 1%. Should I remove the -bigadv flag and stay with -smp? and how do I stop the client to reconfigure to smp alone? I stop the VM completely?

my machine is not cutting the mustard : 1 hour passed and not even 1%. at this rate I will not be finish the WU in time. Will try SMP.

for me it doesn't work, it assigns me only 8101 WUs that I cannot finish in time. Is there any otherway for me to get just SMP units under Linux? no -bigadv? is it worthy to go VM with that Linux Fah image or just stay into Win7?
Haven't done much Folding lately but if I remember correctly you would need an OC ~3.4GHz+ to do the 8101s which those chips should do easy. Having The Kraken installed help alot...
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