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GPGPU encoding is awful, I have tried many times. I encode videos quite a bit, and CPU based encoding is constant. GPGPU tends to throw random artifacts in, I have tried many different pieces of software thinking it was bad code. It needs to come a long way before I will try it again.

Its probably just the code maturity right now, since the cpu encoding has been around forever.

I have a bulldozer for encoding and it chews through video. I can see it being weak for some things, but its not bad at all for this type of stuff if your encoder uses all "8" cores.

Bulldozers are OC friendly, a cheap $30 cooler will get you running 4.5Ghz. That being said any intel will OC and trounce the AMD in lightly threaded apps while using less power. Ether Intel or AMD will serve your purpose, go with what ever is cheapest, just stay away from GPGPU encoding for right now.
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