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I think there's some confusion going on. Keep in mind, I am NOT the one who will be using this machine (I barely even game); that will be my brother. I have no experience with any of the software being used or really any sort of media-creation software in general. I'm just here to learn some more about the process and how to optimize the hardware.

I was talking about GPU acceleration for Sony Vegas Pro. He says he uses it to add in text/graphics, cut the video, and encode it in the right format.

I'm under the impression that Dxtory captures the game window and outputs it into some sort of loseless video format. From there, he takes that file into SVP, does his work, and then uploads to youtube.

EDIT: Anybody have any experience with using Bulldozer for encoding? I'm under the impression this was the only performance/dollar win for BD. If so, it seems like it would be a decent choice since BF3 really doesn't seem to give a shit about CPU performance
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