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Default Wireless network printing over a school network

Hello all,

I am a first year university student living in residence. I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, but I am stuck with a problem.

A friend on my floor is trying to set up a wireless printer.

The school provides wifi coverage throughout the building. There is no initial password to connect to the network, however an in-browser login is required. She has a HP printer that supports wireless printing.

My understanding is that these sorts of printers work by connecting themselves to the same network as the computer. Is this possible with this kind of network?

I have tried to connect the printer to the network. It says it has connected, but there is no option to input the required in-browser login information. The computer does not see the networked printer.

My thoughts are that this is not possible, however, my friend insists she was able to print a few documents on the first day before I had arrived.

If it helps, computer is a macbook pro running OSX 10.7 -- Printer is an HP officejet 6600.

Thanks so much guys,
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