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I don't believe this is partially true anymore. I do believe there is a difference in quad vs dual channel memory in the sense that manufactures who are making quad channel motherboards, do not test dual channel kits in their boards.

I recently purchased a P9X79 Pro quad channel board, it has 8 DIMs on it. I am using Corsair 16gb (4x4gb) 1600 dual channel kit for ram. The boards manual said to place 2 chips on each side of the board ( each side of board has 4 DIM slots ). So I do this, memory crashes the system and windows only picks up 3/4 chips of ram. RMA'd the board, same thing. Bought new RAM same thing. Called Asus tech they said they don't test dual channel kits and when you do the config the manual tells you the memory trys to run in quad mode. This doesn't work well with all configs, their solution was to put all chips in the same side then the board would run in dual mode. No issues after that.

Hope this helps anyone having issues with ram in the new X79 boards. BTW: tried a friends quad channel kit, worked perfectly.
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