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I'm level 29, and I've been playing since the head-start weekend. My levelling pace is actually slowed since I'm trying to gather low-level crafting materials. Yep you won't be able to max the PvE level on a character in a day (like you could with Guild Wars: Factions) without some exploits or someone giving you a ridiculous amount of crafting materials.
I'm OK with the levelling pace, because the game doesn't require you to be a certain level to have fun. What I don't like though, is that weapons and armor crafting levels works even slower than the XP-based levelling. The crafting materials are only available in certain levelled areas - in particular, low level crafting materials needed to get you through the "novice" crafting level are only available in low-level areas. This (at least for me) is creating a grind for crafting materials in low-level areas. This is unlike GW1 where a tanned hide square from a lvl 1 mob is the same as one from a lvl 25 mob, although the lvl 25 mob would drop more of them. I'd actually appreciate a mechanic to "downgrade" crafting materials so you don't have to worry about getting a whole bunch of crafting mats you can't use.
My opinion on crafting seems to be backed by the way low-level crafting materials (copper, jute scrap, green wood, rawhide leather) are in high demand in the trading post, pushing their prices higher than any similar drops you can get in those areas.
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