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My System Specs


Does anyone know for certain what frequencies and network protocols the Telus Galaxy S (SGH-T959D) uses?

Might be able to pick one up with a wonky USB port (won't charge off the wall, won't connect with a computer, but will only charge when connected to a computer) for free. Figure $35 to replace the port makes for a good bargain. However, I'd want to use it on the Rogers/Fido network. Far as I can tell the SGH-T959 uses 850, 1900 and 2100 MHz HSPA and has quad-band GSM compatibility, but I'm not completely certain about the frequencies or whether it's HSPA, UMTS, or HSPA+. Remarkably, such information is not included in the manuals from Telus or Samsung. Rogers doesn't provide any sort of compatibility check tool that I can find, and Fido's is wholly outdated for Samsung phones.

And while I'm here -- how difficult is it it to replace the USB port on one of these?
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