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Default Bulldozer vs Ivy Bridge vs GPUs for Gameplay Videos

Out of Bulldozer, Ivy Bridge, and a latest-gen GPU, which do you recommend for rendering videos to be published on youtube?

lets make a couple of assumptions:
-the software being used is Dxtory and Sony Vegas Pro 11
-the game is BF3 being played at 1200p
-the GPU is a GTX 660 Ti (feel free to point out a more appropriate GPU though)
-the system has 32GB of 1333mhz ram
-keep in mind the video is only being put on youtube (1080p res), i have no idea what constraints and optimizations this use-case offers
-video quality is king (keep in mind there will be text overlays), but it only counts if it makes a difference on youtube ;)
-mobo, cpu, and gpu cost is max out at around $700, but preferably $500.
-overclocking IS allowed, but I'm honestly not that great (did 4.4Ghz 2600k on stock cooler) and I've never tried it on AMD before.

to be captain obvious, I need a GPU anyways to play BF3*. by 'I,' I mean my little brother (the one who actually plays games and has used media software before - I've never touched it personally).

*I'm not sure if CPU performance affects rendering on the GPU pipeline

feel free to talk about overall performance, cost, and balance. I'm very unknowledgable about this user scenario and I would like to learn as many tidbits as possible.
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