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Originally Posted by zypho View Post
Personally I just built a new x79 machine and I will tell you my two regrets.

1) Going with a 8dim motherboard, I am using the P9X79 Pro with 16gb Vengeance 1600 ram, right off the bat have had issues. First it wouldn't pick up all 16gb of ram, ( kept telling me a random dim was abnormal every reboot ) so I RMA'd the board. New board same thing, new ram, same thing. Finally called Asus tech and their solution was to put all 4 sticks in one side of the board. ( Not recommended if you want to run "Quad channel" but its somewhat working now ). If I were to redo my build I think I would hold off on the X79 for now as a lot of people are having issues.

2) Buying a internal DVD drive, waste of space, I use it once to load my OS and thats it. Next will be an external to use on each machine when needed.
i would use it for my blu-ray movies
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