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Default ICS or JB?

Originally Posted by JD View Post
Glad to hear it worked for you

As for my SGS3, since I face WiFi issues (maybe router related, not sure yet), I'm sticking to stock for the time being as it allows me access to the service menus in order to disable the WiFi power saving features which fixes things. Also it seems the Jellybean builds out there are lacking hardware composition so it doesn't run silky smooth as I've tried a few.

That being said, Jellybean on the SGS does work pretty well and I was running it prior to getting my SGS3. You can find it here: [ALPHA][ROM][4.1.1] CyanogenMod 10 for Samsung Galaxy S - xda-developers
Hi JD,

First I would like to thank you for your effort. Very clear and easy to follow.

I never had a reason to root my SGS (Virgin) (or flash a custom ROM) before and was happily running on stock GB (2.3.3). I was intrigued by custom ROMs but never had time to learn how to flash. And then you come alone :).

The reason I stated to look at rooting, was my need to unlock. I will be going to Italy in a few weeks and wanted to use my phone & GPS there with local SIM (I think I can buy Pay-as-you-go kinda SIM there).

So, I followed your guide and got CM9 running just fine. I also unlocked the phone and was able to stick in my wife's Chatr/Rogers SIM (no data though) and it worked. I hope it will work in Italy (I am not sure if I need to change a modem or enable some frequencies via *#*#..... for that?).

My only problem with CM9 is with GPS. It is working but barely, not enough to be useful. I used nightly CM9 build that time. Now I am thinking to go for a stable build. I also noticed a thread on xda [GINGERBREAD][ICS] GPS FIX for Galaxy S - xda-developers regarding GPS fix.

What would you suggest I do here?
  1. Go for JB (CM10 or something else). It sounds like you are now running it on SGS. Is it better then CM9? How would you compare GPS between the two? How about speed & battery life?
  2. Stick with stock GB, root it and then unlock it. GPS does work well, battery is Ok, speed is so-so. I do believe CM9 felt smoother and snappier than stock GB.
  3. Try CM9 again and see if GPS will improve? (well I will be doing just that while waiting for your reply anyways. Practice makes perfect!)

Sorry for all the questions, I almost "broke my arm" digging through xda :).

Thanks in advance.
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