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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
I play on 3x 1080p monitors... I think the 680 is very sufficient (i.e. about the same as the card reviewed), and will play almost all titles on max resolution, so I don't see why you'd suggest max settings 2560x1440 is hard for this card to achieve. That's what the ??? is about.
again, I agreed with you that it is playable at 2560x1440, as I said in the previous post. It is also sufficient for about 46fps average in BF3, or however you want to word it.

The fact you 'think' your 680 is 'very sufficient' at 3x1080 is like saying "this is huge". I'm not sure what 'very sufficient' is. Maybe you fine 30 fps okay in BF3. I dont know. Maybe you're lowing down the quality level. I dont know.

Framerates are concrete and the methods to get them are scientific. Hence me linking the review showing hard numbers with various quality levels and resolution sizes. One 2560x1600 screen gets 46 fps avg. Googling up triple monitor setups shows a much lower number, verging (in my opinion) on unplayable framerates for a FPS while running one GPU. Again, this is why I referenced to SLI in my thread with multiple monitor setups.

But again, if you're happy, hey, cool story.
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