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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I'm not sure what your "???" is about. Im agreeing with you that it is playable. 2560x1600 in BF3 at Max settings is 46 fps max, avg...ah hell here is the graph:

My post was regarding multi monitor GPU setups, which DO 'struggle' at 5k x 1k resolutions, max settings, as seen here: Edit: Blocked out from outside sites. You can google this stuff up anyways.

Anyways, there is a tonne of reviews out on the internet about this stuff. I dont need to rehash what has been proven.
I play on 3x 1080p monitors... I think the 680 is very sufficient (i.e. about the same as the card reviewed), and will play almost all titles on max resolution, so I don't see why you'd suggest max settings 2560x1440 is hard for this card to achieve. That's what the ??? is about.
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