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My System Specs


Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I wouldn't call it a waste as you'll see consdierable improvements across the board. There may undoubtedly be occassions when you might see some bottlenecking but a bit more of an OC on the Q6600 if you can manage it may help out there. It's an amazing CPU, one of the best Intel made when it comes to overclocking.
I think my ram is limiting the CPU from going over 3.4. But it seems happy at 3.2. Currently running it at the stock setting iirc is 2.4GHz. And it runs BF3 without much issue. Love that little CPU. I still have the original Core2 Duo running in my wifey's system. Rockin out at a blistering 1.8Ghz. Funny thing, that Core2 clocks better pound for pound than the quad. But replacing the Duo with the quad back in 07 sure made a difference in Unreal based games clock for clock the quad won every time. The Duo will clock to 2.8Ghz on air.

I do tend to wander. It's why I don't post much hehe. Anywho, Any idea what I might see in terms of performance vs. the 5870? It's around the mark I like to spend on GPU's. Same price as I paid for the 5870 if I remember right.
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