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Default Oopsy, I have disabled my graphics card :(!!!

My situation is that I got the x51 from dell in the mail 5 days ago, it was working fine hooked up via hdmi to my tv till I updated my drivers and accidently disabled my integrated graphics(Not my discrete gtx 555, & yes I know I'm an idiot)because I thought it had no purpose, but I guess in doing that it disabled the hdmi port where I was hooking up my tv via hdmi to use as my monitor??...See the problem now? Now I have a blank tv screen at all times no matter what so I cant boot into bios or safe mode or reinstall windows because I can't see what I'm doing even when booting. So maybe theres a way to hit a certain combination of buttons on boot blindly to fix it in bios or something?. So maybe you can go into bios or something and tell me exactly what button combination to push to enable or fix something? I don't know anymore, I just want to have fun with my new computer I had waited 4 weeks for!!!

& yes I know that I can get a DVI cable and use the spare monitor I have, but I went to a few stores around me and the cheapest dvi cable(or adapter) was 25$ So I would rather see if I can fix it some other way first before paying that for a cable I will only need for 5 minutes...


(Don't know if this is the right section to post this, if not please delete/move and tell me where to put it, sorry.)
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