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My System Specs


Originally Posted by dma0991 View Post
Since I do have an Audio Technica AD700 for gaming and Audio Technica M50 for music, the difference is very obvious. A cheap USB DAC that I'm currently using is miles ahead in comparison to the onboard sound in terms of volume and quality.
Nobody said you didn't..
and my initial response was "I hope you have some good audio gear cos it's wasted if not"
meaning if he has standard headset / speakers it's pointless in having an expensive sound-card

Originally Posted by dma0991 View Post
If the onboard sound is plugged into a pair of average priced speakers, it won't sound that different as you could turn up the speaker volume. With headphones, there isn't an option to do so unless I direct it to an amp but I don't see the point of amplifying sound signal that is weak to begin with. Should you find the need to upgrade the sound in the near future, consider the Asus Xonar Essence STX instead if you're going with a good pair of headphones. A DAC would be better but that's the domain of audiophiles, it can get complicated and expensive. Pair that up with the Audio Technica AD700's and you'll have a killer setup for gaming.
Again unless he's getting some high quality sound there is no point... something like a DX or D1 would be plenty for mid range gear.
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