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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Heat. Run two instances of GPU-Z, one on each core. If the cores are hitting above 80 degrees, it is very likely that the GPUs are reaching their Power Limit and clocking to their default (lower) speeds.

Also, ensure that the system "sees" two GPUs. It could very well be that it is only registering one card. To do this, go into Device Manager and ensure two GTX 690 instances are there.

Finally, go into the NVIDIA Control Panel and click on "Configure SLI, PhysX & Surround". Ensure SLI is set to "Maximize 3D Performance" and PhysX is set to CPU.
I ran a Furmark stress test and both gpu's got to 82c under 100% load. While playing games and such though the highest they get is 65c. I have two Gpu's registering in device manager. And I went to the control panel. The SLI is set to "Maximized 3D Performance" But the PhysX was set to "Auto-Select(recommended)" I set it to "CPU" but did not see any performance differences.
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