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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Anything exciting happen on the folding front?
There was some excitement on the NvGPU and Bigadv folding fronts on terms of high-yield projects.

On the NvGPU side, P80** were kicking up PPD as much as 50% depending on the hardware compared to most other projects. Meanwhile P8102 for Bigadv has been generating better PPD on most machines than the good ol' P6903/P6904 projects, although kasson was quick to warn everybody that the PPD for P8102 will eventually be normalized with P8101.

Getting any of these projects, though, has been a total crapshoot. I have one Bigadv machine that has gotten nothing but P8102's since they were released (knock on wood). Meanwhile, one other machine has had about 90% P8101 and 10% P8102, and the other is still yet to get its first P8102.

As for NvGPU, I have four clients running, and none of them have received a P80** in about two weeks even though the server for those projects shows 1000's of available WUs.

Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
its amazing the level of mobile data penetration, even in a jungle in Cambodia.
My wife recently came back from Newfoundland where she had zero service anywhere on the island outside of St. John's. So the jungles of Cambodia are officially more technologically advanced than an entire Canadian province.

Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
been to SE Asia much of this summer
F*!king teachers.
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