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Default EEPROM burner?

Motherboard: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
I was updating my BIOS every time the new one was available. On the last update, the motherboard got bricked. Display is off, no beeps, RAM led is on. Questions:
1. Where is the BIOS chip on this motherboard?
2. Is it removable (in a socket, no soldering)?
3. Anybody in Vancouver has a device to burn a BIOS onto the chip?
4. Is "EEPROM burner" the right name for it?

Please note, the motherboard is comletely unresponsive. I cannot "try flashing again". Tried MemOK, Turbo Switch, removing RAM, disconnecting all drives, removing battery and clearing CMOS. Nothing helped. The only hope is to replace the BIOS chip (or remove and re-flash it outside of the mobo). The board and all components were working perfectly until the last BIOS update.
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