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Default Considering an upgrade

well, my C2D machine keeps hauling through and hasn't died on me just yet. I'm thinking that i likely will not be going to do a rebuild for another year or two. Ive been keeping tabs of my 9800 gt (512mg) and how well it preforms and although its totally reasonable and maintaining (IMO mind you) im thinking maybe i should do a budget upgrade on it.

Things I've been considering into my equation of thought are and include:

Budget between 50-100 (80 dollars would be optimal, however i would be willing to go over budget if there was a sweet deal only because i wouldn't be able to control myself)

potential (as in i really hope it would) to be used as a dedicated Physx card within a machine in two years (i tend to lean more towards nvidia cards for no real reason, im no fanboy however, i haven't had a bad one yet)

500 watt power supply (pc power and cooling silencer - sli ready but no intentions of sli as im rocking a p5q vanilla mobo - was more of a precaution to make sure everything's getting clean power.)

currently own a 1920X1080 screen (asus vh### or vw###)

so i guess my question is as simple as what do you folks think i should aim for? and is/would the upgrade make some sort of difference/impact significant enough to notice?

*edit* for the sake of anyone's curiosity, my rig currently runs these specs:

P5Q vanilla
E8400 wolfdale 3.0ghz (stock)
9800 gt EVGA
4 gig ddr2 muschkin redlines
Pc power and cooling silencer 500watt
7200 RPM Hardrive - etc
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