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My System Specs


7970 is MUCH better bang for buck at the moment and it handles higher resolutions better (generally) than the nvidias and overclocks like an animal..


I couldn't recommend going x-fire..
Pitty you can't try before you buy... 1 card I would say the 7970 for sure.. 2 cards 670's are the way to go(IMO)..

To max everything and still get good fps in high-end games you'll need dual cards really for either the 27" IPS or 3 1080 screens. (no matter what card you pick)
(obviously depending on the games and how much eye candy you like but from your choices then I'm guessing max settings and min fps as high as possible)

IMO the nvidia's are over-priced at the moment.. and are due a price-drop soon (or risk the same mistakes AMD did when the 680 was launched)
If you can.. hold out on buying as long as you can cos a 7970 is the same / lower price of a 670 at the mo and thats just not right..
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