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Power Consumption Test
OC, OS Desktop - 46W

Comparing to temperature, the power consumption is affecting by C1E in default mode.
If you enable C1E in OC mode, the power consumption will drop a lot.

Default, running LinX to fully speed CPU - 75W

OC, running LinX to fully speed CPU - 80W

When i5-3450 full speed more, the power consumption is only 5W as 400MHz clock difference.
Ivy Bridge 22nm manufacturing save power more than 25~35% comparing to Sandy Bridge.

Finally, I also test latest HD2500 IGP 3D performance.
i5-3450 OC to 3.7GHz and HD2500 default clock is 1.1GHz.
3DMark Vantage => P1988

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1280 X 720 => 49.90 FPS

1280 X 720 => 765

In 3DMark Vantage, HD2500 is similar to HD2000.
StreetFighter IV Benchmark improves 12% and FINAL FANTASY XIV improves 23%.
The 3D performance increasing range is not big but still helpful.
More accurate, HD2500 performance is still lower than former HD3000. User can notice by model name.
For Ivy Bridge structure, if you want to have better integrated 3D performance, you can choose HD4000 IGP.

1.Z77 series use white color packing and booting screen. Itís minimalist style.
2.Phasing in UEFI BIOS and providing two BIOS interfaces.
3.Built-in personal preferred Atheros LAN and VIA audio.
4.Micro ATX Z77 is lower price, but features and performance are standard level above.

1.CPU PWM better to have heatsink
2.Rare IO audio jacks better to have 6 for better function.

Performance ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 83/100
Components ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 82/100
Specification ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 79/100
Appearance ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 77/100
C/P Value ★★★★★★★★★☆ 86/100

As Intel launched latest Ivy Bridge structure this year, it includes CPU and chipset.
Entry IGP HD2500 is improved a little and high end IGP HD4000 improves a lot from HD3000.
CPU performance is 10~14% enhance from Sandy Bridge in same spec and clock.
Power consumption is much lower by 22nm implement.
CPU temperature is a little higher than Sandy Bridge, but itís still affordable for efficient OC.

Ivy Bridge has Z77, H77 and B75 chipsets to complete the market segment.
The price is lower than 6 series within few months after launching due to tough competition in MB market this year.
Z77M-D3H price is only 17USD higher than H77M-D3H.
If your budget is higher, Z77 provides you better C/P certainly.
If you donít OC, H77 is also alternative solution for you.
This article mainly focus on Intel Core i5-3450 and Micro ATX Z77 Ivy Bridge entry combo.
You can refer it if you have got i5-3450 or plan to buy i5-3470. :)

This article is also post in my blog - WIND3C, All comments are welcome.
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