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Left side is Performance Pro 256GB. Right side is 2.5Ē to 3.5Ē adaptor and screws.

The size is 2.5Ē. Official spec, max ATTO Disk Benchmark is 515/440 MB/s.
Random 4K max writing performance is 65000 IOPS. Itís high performance spec in SSD market.

ATTO DISK Benchmark over 512k test can reach max read 538 Mb/s and max write 443.1 MB/s.
CrystalDiskMark Seq Read - 523.2 MB/s Write - 435.6 MB/s

AS SSD Benchmark - 940
Seq Read - 500.97 MB/s Write - 422.08 MB/s
4K - 64Thrd Read - 278.91 MB/s Write - 251.25 MB/s

Time to Logon 3 seconds
Time to Desktop 12~13 seconds

CORSAIR Performance Pro sues Marvell 88SS9174-BKK2 controller which is very stable in writing performance.
The random and sequential write are both over 400 MB/s. AS SSD also has very high score.
Thatís why users more prefer Marvell than SanForce.

Temperature(Room is 30 degrees C)
Default, OS Desktop - 36~37

OC, OS Desktop - 45~50

Default mode, as enabling C1E power saving feature, the CPU clock is only 1600MHz.
OC mode, as disabling C1E, the CPU is always running at 3700MHz.
Due to CPU power saving feature, CPU clock will affect temperature.

Default, Full Speed - 61~67
Intel Burn Test v2.4,Stress Level Maximum

OC, Full Speed - 62~70
Intel Burn Test v2.4,Stress Level Maximum

i5-3450 is running in 3.3GHz in default mode and 3.7GHz in OC mode.
Itís only 400MHz gap and temperature is only 1~3 degrees different.
The cooler is Intel original one, so the temperature after OC is very impressive.

Power Consumption Test
Default, OS Desktop - 26W
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