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The sc tourny was good for a bit but then at some point i think people lost interest and simply didn't report the winner/loser. then when a few games dragged on the good gamers that finished fast had nothing to do and wandered off so when we announced the next match up they were no where to be found. kayos followed.

CoD4 was a bit more down hill, but i didn't organize it. I reffed the two organizers for a bit as they were childishly arguing over settings. It was slow and messy but it still happened and a goo number of people had fun.

The rest of the tournaments went well. Now i do have to say that the best tournament that happened the entire lan was a console. I didn't even need to organize people. I just sat down with a white board and simple marked people off. half the time they would look at the board and figure it out for them selves. PC gamers hang your haed in shame for this was the halo tournament. SHAME!!!! (this post dose not represent the thought and believes of the Ctoan staff or admin)

Pizza was a bit of an issue, but this on made me hurt. This happened at CapLAN once, when they called in the big order they took it all down and then ignore it as they though it was a prank. A clear bit of miscommunication but we all got feed.and it was only 15 bucks.

All in all for a causal event it was well organized both in the event and even more so outside the event. and most importantly i had fun. thank you Ctoan crew
Lower MainLAN is our large scale annual lanparty
Lower MainLAN 250 People May 17th - 18th 2009
Anime Evolution LAN 2 is a popular Add on to The annual anime con Anime Evolution. This year there will be over 7000 people at the new Vancouver convention center.
LAN 100 PC, 80 console
CapLAN is the longest running lanparty in Vancouver. Its a frequent casual lan hosted at Capilano University.
CapLAN 17 80 People TBA (September 2009)
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