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Originally Posted by Patramix View Post
with 2 460's in SLI you should be able to connect 3 monitors without problems.(2 monitors on the first card, and the 3rd on the second card)

or, any new 600 series from nvidia support up to 4 monitors now. the 660TI are great for the price, i love my new 670, just waiting to find 3 decent 24" monitors to buy for it.
When connected via the SLI bridge, it only permits 2 screens. As for the 600 series supporting 3 to 4 monitors..never heard of that. I mean if it has 4 ports to connect to monitors, it doesn't mean that it will support all of them at the same time. If that is the case, then I'd probably just buy a 680, but I'd need to confirm this.
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