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Default 3 Monitor Setup - Gaming only in 1 of them

I currently have a gaming PC that has dual GTX 460s in SLI and overclocked. Overall gaming-wise these have worked out great for me, but I am looking to make my system a 3 monitor setup.

I am NOT looking to make a 3 screen gaming system. I am looking to make my center monitor (27in LED ASUS) my primary gaming monitor, and the two on the sides (two 19 inch Acer LCD) monitors that I can use for other tasks besides gaming. I understand that yes, if I have 3 monitors hooked up and I suddenly decide to play say GTA4, I will have two monitors next to mine on, but cannot be controlled--that's fine.

When I don't game on my PC, I do IT support and having 3 monitors helps me be tons more productive, but when I game, I generally would turn both off--or even keep them on and have my Outlook or Tweetdeck running on the sides even though I can't just mouse over for stuff.

So here is my question to you all: How can I hook up 3 monitors to my PC without having to use USB video controllers and not getting an AMD card that supports 3 monitors for gaming? I like my NVIDIA cards and I intend to only buy NVIDIA. Also, I've tried my share of USB video controllers and they just completely ruin Windows 7 and cause massive graphical software that's why I don't want to go that route.

I currently own a Maximus IV Extreme-Z board so I have enough PCI-e slots to fit my two cards and MAYBE one under them. I have also considered just selling both of them and buying a single GTX 680.

Would getting a single GTX 680 and then running under it in another slot another NVIDIA card for just the other two monitors work, or would it cause any sort of hardware/software conflict?
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