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My System Specs


Many people would spend way more than that on a custom paint job for a car.. or rims.. or suspension etc etc etc..
Some people spend hundreds on clothes and can be wearing that much quite easily.. or jewellery, engagement rings a silly expensive..
It's a sign of love not how much you can afford.. but people don't bash that??
Whats the difference?

I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a case.. or pretty much any hobby (unless it was for the whole thing, eg whole pc)
But I don't hold it against a company that provides such things or the people who spend the money on them

And as far as justifying the cost for this case... It's limited edition, custom designed and immaculate in ever way.. The costs for production are going to be very high, especially with a limited run..
For me the product justifies the price but it's not one I'd be willing to pay unless I came into a SERIOUS amount of dough
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