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Naw I have way too much water for my own good, temps dont break 40 anywhere. I have 2 double rads cooling just a CPU and GPU. Grid crashes when my car is still on the starting line, no time for any heat to build up, things are basically sitting at idle.

Just as a test, I lowered the clocks, left the folding going, and left the high voltage. Temps are high (45 is high), but still no crash. Now if I run stock clocks at stock volts with no other processes, temps are low (ambient + a couple degrees), but it still crashes instantly. Its really not a heat issue, but thank you for the suggestion.

Very strange... it's like the GPU just doesn't like the type of math GRID is making it do. I wonder... what is the difference between the actual equations the GPU is crunching, between folding and gaming. The way I see it, its all just 1s and 0s, regular boolean algebraic instructions, why would there be any difference? Especially since I thought folding was a very intensive processing task.

On a side note, grid kicks ass.
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