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My System Specs


1. SSD. You are missing one. Must have item. 128GB SSD and any size 5400RPM HDD are made for each other. SSD and NAS combination is better, though.
2. PSU. You do not need 750W. You do not even need 650W for your hardware. I would recommend Seasonic X560. If you ever going to do SLI/CF, then X660 or Corsair 650W (built by Seasonic). Corsair 750W is not very good PSU for that amount of money anyway (built by CWT).
3. ATX. By the way, you may go by mATX motherboard and case, unless, of course, you plan on tripple SLI/CF in the future or have few cards to plug into expansion slots. I just did mATX with 3770 and 7970. Much more managable and convenient with TJ-08E. ATX is so Bush-era computing.
Silverstone TJ-08E
Seasonic X-660
Asus P8Z77-M Pro
Intel i7-3770
Kingstone HyperX 2 x 8GB
Crucial M4 256GB + 128 GB
Sapphire Radeon HD7970
Nec Multisync LCD2690WUXI
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