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I'll start out with what I beleive to be general knowledge. The game is set 20 years after the end of Diablo 2 the expansion at this point the first dungeon seems to be nostalgic in its awesomeness. Your back in the Tristram Cathedral catacombs where an old friend has gotten himself in trouble big suprise... Anyways an interesting point is that the Barabarian in Diablo 3 is supposed to be the same one from diablo2 which explains why he looks a wee bit older and ALOT more frazzled. One of the mysteries of the game is why Hell has waited 20 years since the destruction of the worldstone to invade Sanctuary. I have also seen some clues that lead me to beleive you might not just be battling the forces of hell this time around because Heaven is also merging with Sanctuary and not everyone in Heaven is like Tyrael apparently. One site I read a bunch of stuff about D3 on went into alot of specifics which I don't think is at all confirmed but one thing they said that might be cool is that 2 of lesser evils escaped from Hell into Sanctuary and are holed up north of Kurast amassing an army to invade heaven. Whether thats the army shown in the official Trailer I have no idea. And whether or not the 2 lesser evils would have anything to do with ressurecting Diablo remains to be seen. I am still not even sure how they would have done that to be honest because if my memory from D2 serves me you actually destroyed him for good. Then again the image we see of D in the trailer he looks a wee bit more badass than his previous incarnation and ALOT more pissed off. So maybe its not actually Diablo himself but some fusion of whatever was left of the 3 prime evil when they were destroyed at the end of D2? Keep in mind this is all speculation... and I am still very curious about who the woman some prominently displayed in the trailer is but now that I think about she is probably Cain's granddaughter, my first thought was that she was the Dark wanderers daughter and therefore had some connection to Diablo. Anyways I think thats far more than enough for one post.... Feel free to correct me or state your opinions and please if you have any info i don't let me know!
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