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Default Quasi-entry level "performance" pc

I've been following these forums for a while, you guys seem patient with new kids on the block (don't shoot me).

Long story short, finished university, entered job market, have a bit of money, always wanted to try this, hopefully will save money short and long term compared to buying a prefab Dell. Needs would encompass some gaming (not looking for multi gpu level performance, but still enough to enjoy latest titles, flight simulation (training for another expensive hobby). Hopefully whatever I build will stand a reasonable test of time. My company gets discounts with Dell, and I was looking at a XPS 8500 with a 24inch monitor but it was still running about 1440, plus tax with basic warranty. Also, I know damn well I'd be kicking myself if I bought another Dell product. I'm moving back to PC's after buying an XPS m1530 for my degree and thanking various gods that I had the complete/accidental warranty as I had to send it in for servicing 4 times (the nvidia 8600m would fry itself).

I was smart enough to find this unbelievably handy website and used it to create a mock system:
Intel Core i5-3570K, Asus Radeon HD 7870, Cooler Master HAF 912 - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada

I'm sold on the 24inch monitor, we upgraded to them at work (Dell U2412) and I'm going to spoil myself on the sheer hilarious massive viewing space.

I'm willing to spend the money to go the Intel route, my last AMD was the good ol' AMD K6-2 with 3Dnow!(!)

This would do for budget, I'm looking for future upgrade potential (even bare minimum of having a decent case). I went the -K processor route to keep overclocking an option, but I don't think I would need an i7. My question is, am I missing something (I already have the OS... keyboard and mouse I'm not worried about). I know the focus these days is on the SSD, is this something that people strongly recommend immediately or can I throw one in and re-partition everything later on. 8 gigs of ram should be enough for anything I do, we run 8 at the office for extremely heavy CAD work and it is more than adequate. Honestly, any suggestions/criticisms would be appreciated, I'm all ears.

This blob of text still seems extremely fragmented as I'm desperately trying not to sound like a tool, despite several edits. Thanks in advance, and it's great to be finally making the cherry popper post.
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