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Originally Posted by oliver2311 View Post
Hi, i made my own Gaming Pc 1 month ago, and when i first turned on the computer the screen kept being black, so i shifted out cables and tried the VGA converter and it worked, but since then i've been playing at 1680x1050 and thats not near as much as i could get out of this card...
Do you guys have any solution to my problem? I've already checked other forums and nothing seem to work..

Things that i've tried
Turn of integrated graphics
Bootup with either HDMI or DVI
Nvidia Control panel settings (It did not show the other display cables only VGA)

And the cables work (tested)

Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand :)
Your not telling us what screen size your monitor is because vga, dvi, and hdmi can all do higher than what your getting.
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