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Default XFX DD 6870 performance lacking (I think)

Hey Guys.

I've just got some questions for the community to help me with. Basically, I dont think my GPU is performing as good as I think it should be. I can't really put my finger on it, but a lot of times even tho my FPS is 35+, it doesn't really seem "good", despite settings being decent or better. Things dont seem to be as lucid. This is especially noticeable in CoD:MW3. even tho I have the settings cranked, and push 45fps, it still seems to be jerky. Again, I can't quite put my finger on it, and thus started some testing to see what i could find. But the testing confused and annoyed me even more, because it kinda proved more so that something was off.

I've run Furmark and Unigene, and have attatched a .zip of an OpenOffice spreadsheet for furmark, and 3 Unigene results.

GPU: XFX DD 6870 (OC'd at 950mhz Core; Memory @ 1150mhz; stock voltage (cannot change with MSi Afterburner).

On a side note, I am using just a single-link DVI, but does the kind of cable affect anything at all?
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