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Default Snef's wife icy white Shinobi


after finished my build,
searching for a new project,
still have a lot of hardware,
why not, i build a computer for my wife,

She really like it but first question,
why i dont have water cooling with a theme like your PC? :(

order some parts from our Canadian Water coolig store
and add some others parts and voila!

intel I5-3570k @ stock for now
Gigabyte Ga-Z68MA-D2H-B3
Coirsair Low profile vengance Ram white 8Gb (2 x 4)
XFX HD7970 OC Black eddtion (now its a white edition;) )
OCZ Octane SSD 128Gb
Seagate 1.5Tb
Bitfenix Shinoby white windows edition
Pioneer Bluray burner
Corsair TX750M

Water Cooling
Rad EX120
Water Block XSPC raystorm
pump swiftech mcp350
XSPC Dual bay res for one ddc pump
white Bitspower fitting------------------really really nice fitting, i like , next will be red one
clear tubing UV blue

And a lot of self-etching primer and white pint

need to finish cable sleeving on power supply

lets go for pics

Bitspower fittings are really nice

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