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Well, got my Barb to 60 today, that makes one of each class to 60. I have no life (well, I do golf every so often). I have a wife that sews, quilts and crafts, so she just lets me waste my time playing games.

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See my wasted time in pictures.

Monk is the main char, as you can tell from the banners. I am stuck on killing Diablo in Inferno. Just don't have the juice. Getting close though. I can't farm Act 3 yet, I just get through it on my good gear. I can wear a mix of MF and Kill gear in Act 2 and farm well enough though. And my Wizard in GF can make 300k in a Butcher run in around 1 hr or so. Have not played the DH and WD too much, but I did try the Vault with Trail of Cinders just to get a laugh out of the nerf bat that is coming. It is very well powered. With Preparation I can vault around 6 times... makes for dead elites in no time, in Act 1.
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