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My System Specs


Sumbitch. Shut off rig to go on holidays, get back, turn on, no post. Pull out of case try different video card, one stick ram in various slots, pull out cpu, check for bent pins, none, reseat cooler. Get one short, pause, one long, pause then four short beep code with boot device led lit up on mobo. Pull cmos battery, clear jumper, same result. Swap to brand new psu, now I get one short, pause, one long, pause, four short, pause, then one short beep code with boot device led lit. AMI beep codes indicate total of seven beeps indicate fatal hardware error.Down to cpu/mobo now. Anyone gotta spare LGA2011 I could borrow to troubleshoot? Gave my 3820 to my son and I am reluctant to pull it out of his rig to try in mine. Looks like RMA time coming up..

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