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Really your best bet is to have the laptop repaired at a shop or buy an external charger for that battery if one exists.

I charged Li-Poly and Li-Ion batteries for my hobby robotics use, and I can tell you it's extremely dangerous to do this without a charger. Search "lipo fire" and view a bunch of videos for your entertainment before attempting anything. For a computer version, see videos of Dell laptops catching fire.

Any of these conditions can cause the battery to melt, catch fire, or explode depending on the battery type:
  • Overvoltage (from charging too long)
  • Overcurrent (from using too much current to charge the battery)
  • Overtemperature (self-explanatory)
  • Mechanical damage (if you attempt to dismantle the battery incorrectly)
  • Short circuit (self-explanatory)
The first two conditions can occur if you pick the wrong charger or have it improperly set up. If you don't know what the above conditions mean, don't try it.

The main issue you'll have with a laptop battery is the safety chip that's in there, which usually tells the laptop an estimate for the charge in the battery and may also prevents things such as short circuit and unapproved methods of charging the battery. If the safety circuit doesn't stop you, jacking your AC adapter into the battery will definitely destroy the battery (at least). If you really want to try charging the battery loose, then use the lithium charger for a radio-controlled airplane. I'm willing to bet that a good charger will cost about as much as a repair however, at about $65.
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