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Originally Posted by Arkilion View Post
It's hard to tell... I sometime use completly different RAM (timing, volt, frequency) and it works well, thought they are scaled down to the lowest one. Other times I used 2 sets of exactly the same RAM and it wouldn't works. I also tried same brand/timing/frequency/volt but different density, and got 2/3 working, for 6gb on 8gb.

From what i saw on many forums, it seems to depends a lot on the mobo (right?), and there's no way to know in advance if it will works.

I may be wrong, as it's based on my experimentation and forum threads, and if so, I'd also like to learn a bit more about all this RAM combination thing o.O
Same here!

If you look in the BIOS, there's so much there about the memory settings, too.

Voltage and timings and it looks complicated. I know that to maintain stability, the mobo (BIOS) will modify *something* (maybe speed and timings) and match to the lowest memory (sticks).

The memory I was looking at is 1.85V and another is 1.8 - 1.9V. I assume I can under volt if I need to?

My current memory sticks are 1.8V and for some reason, it's not set at optimal timing (5-4-4-12) but instead, 5-5-5-15. But, that's not a big deal. If I add a different brand/spec'ed RAM, I can find one (pair) that has that timing at default.

The only other idea I had is somewhat ridiculous but would make this uncertainty quite moot. I could buy 8GB of RAM now and sell the 4GB I have now, either on here or ebay. DDR2 still has some value and then I'd have all 4 sticks of the same. I'd rather not spend that much on old RAM, though, so that option was way down on the hierarchy of ranked choices. :)
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