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Hey Pete,
I bought Crysis 2 a few weeks back when steam had it on sale. I am blown away with the graphics, gameplay is not bad. I don't know why it got such bad reviews, probably due to poor textures and no DX 11 support when originally released. I am having fun with this game.

I have not noticed any issues with this game crashing to be honest, I am using the last official Nvidia WHQL drivers and not the latest betas. I suggest that you use the drivers that came with the card to see if they make a difference.

Is your pc overclocked in any way? This may be causing some instabilities.

My suggestions, set PC back to stock settings (if overclocked), install a different set of drivers and when installed set to Nvidia defaults in the Nvidia control panel. See if this works. Also install EVGA precision and log temps, so if the pc crashed on you again you can open up the log and see if the video card is overheating.

Finally as far as Vsync is concerned I use adaptive vsync that I set in Nvidia control panel. I have a pair of GTX 670's and game at 2560x1440. You could try this or even better would be to use Frame Rate Target in Precision as this dynamically adjusts the video clocks to keep framerates where you set them (say 60fps), there will be zero input lag when using Frame Rate Target.
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Good luck.
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