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Originally Posted by Inik View Post
Oh! That's interesting 10e!

I might be interested in the U2713HM if the AG coating is less agressive. I could not stand the Ag coating of the U2711
I didn't find it that bad in well-lit environments, but in the dark it wasn't the greatest. Of course I feel bad about that because I sold you that screen

The later 24" IPS panels with W-LED have a similar characteristic, though far less harsh and distracting.

Dell U2713HM Review

Here he discusses the anti-glare (or anti-reflective/reflex) coating:

"The screen coating on the U2713HM is a normal anti-glare (AG) offering. This is contrary to a lot of other screens using variants of the LM270WQ1 panel which offer a glossy screen coating. Readers will be pleased to hear though that the AG coating is actually nice and light and is not the usual grainy and aggressive solution you would normally find on an IPS panel. In fact in practice it is almost what you might call a semi-gloss coating being quite similar to AU Optronics AMVA offerings. Dell seem to have toned down the AG coating which is great news. It retains its anti-glare properties to avoid unwanted reflections, but does not produce an overly grainy or dirty image that some AG coatings can."

Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Hello 10e.

That's very interesting review you gave to me/us. Also, my brother in law can have very great price with Samsung. He got some connection with them because he's work. IM gonna wait to the see the of that S27B970D monitor.
I already have a glossy 23' dell at home that didn't give me trouble while playing.

Im going to look at the Dell U2713HM you told me/us.

Thanks again 10e.

hey 10e, How its going with kids ??!
My little guy is not so little any more. He's ten months and pushing 24 lbs. He's not huge but he's on the big side, and crawling around like a little rocket, babbling and (thankfully) very social with a happy character.

We're moving in about 8 days to a bigger house on a much bigger property so life is a bit hectic right now.

It turns out this Samsung has glass but it's not as reflective as a full glossy panel.

It's going to be expensive (around $1100.00 CDN) , but if your discount is good, it might be a worth-while solution. One thing to note these panels from Samsung and LG don't have the limited W-LED "spectrum" where the whites look blue no matter what you do. I've noticed this to be a problem with a lot of W-LED panels and I hate this. When I put them next to a CCFL panel they always look bluish/cold. Not with these two 27" monitors.

My biggest interest in these screens is that they are both factory calibrated, W-LED which means consistent white color temperature over the display's useful life, and the Samsung adds the internal calibration capability.

With other screens (except NEC PA and Eizo Coloredge series) you calibrate your video card to change color output. This change gets tossed out by games, and only with AMD cards and PowerStrip can you keep the calibration in games. NVidia cards throw this calibration information out of the video card's color tables.

With the Samsung or the above mentioned screens, you calibrate the actual display's internal color tables. So games or consoles or whatever else you connect will have consistent, accurate color.

And no PWM flicker either with either the Samsung or Dell.

Unfortunately neither is out yet in Canada, but they should be here very soon. Linus did a tech tips on the Samsung in May, and NewEgg in the U.S. has them, so they should be here soon I hope.

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