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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
You're right.

You need a blade server or maybe some sort of Beowulf cluster for what you're doing. Desktop hardware just can't cut it.
idk if i should take this as sarcasm.....

all i asked for is if socket 771 is worth upgrading too because im seeing it for a price thats way to cheap on ebay. i dont want to end up buying something that ill have loads of problems with.

is my question so stupid that it looks like im trolling? im being serious here.

i just want to save on space by putting it all in just one box with two quad core or dual core processors, about 6-12gb of memory, and run my tf2, HLDS, file server, FTP server, and webserver on it.

other wise, give me a reason why i shouldnt use socket 771 and what kind of problems i may have with it.