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Originally Posted by EmptyMellon View Post
Even if you were to go with an low capacity HDD (250GB or 320GB), you will have room to spare and save some cash. Your call.
That certainly sounds reasonable, and later when your budget allows for an SSD upgrade you can always use the drive for storage or backups. Both Windows 7 & 8 support TRIM, and although SSD's slow down over time they are still worth it due to their performance. After formatting a 120 GB SSD, you'll have approximately 111GB available which is plenty for the OS, a bunch of apps, and a handful of games.
SSD's and hard drives can both fail at the absolute worst time, whether it's a firmware issue, or the dreaded head crash. Whatever you decide to choose, backup your valuable data. If you get an SSD, don't be afraid to use it, even with a lot of writes it should last at least a couple of years. It may be worth your while to browse the forums here, as well as
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