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My System Specs


Hmm it's an older game, but you're still asking it to run on a graphics chip that has a crippled memory interface. From the review, I think medium is doable but high is unlikely: Medal of Honor Single Player Graphics & CPU Performance > High Quality Performance - TechSpot Reviews
On the other hand, the game barely needs CPU at all: Medal of Honor Single Player Graphics & CPU Performance > CPU Performance - TechSpot Reviews

Maybe you can buy someone's used LGA775 / AM2 stuff with GTS 250 or something, because you'll still need more graphical processing power than an APU [ed: provides].

Prebuilt machines these days put high-end CPUs with low-end GPUs and even worse power supplies, so I wouldn't try it (maybe with the exception of the Dell XPS and higher, but then you're better off with a custom build for the price).
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