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Unhappy Crysis 2 on GTX660Ti

Hi to all, Im hoping someone can help me, I have researched this issue on the Web, and found many others having similar problems, just hoping someone has an answer for this one, I recently built a rig as follows: PSU: C-Master 750GX..Intel i5 3570k..Asus P8Z77-M PRO Mobo..MSI GTX660Ti PE...W/Digital 1tb Black 64meg cache Sata 3 running 6gb/sec..Win7 H-Prem 64bit..LG B-Ray Writer + 2ndLG DVD Writer
16 g/b DDR111 1333 Ripjaws. Following clean install of O/S, all updates/patches/ Avast Anti-virus/ latest Flash player/ Adobe Reader/ VLC Media player/ DivX Codecs, AC3 Media codecs/ Latest nVidia Driver dated 08-27-12..Installed a Retail Version of Crysis 2 bought new...genuine serial. Following install I installed latest v1.9 patch..Hi-Res Pack...Tesselation Pack, DX11..etc, not new to this by any means but always willing to learn. Ran the game for first time with all settings Ultra Normal motion blur..and as for V-Sync, during the four or five runs of the game I tried V-Sync on and off, first 10 mins of game could not believe the amazing, smoothe and incredibly detailed play, with features and clarity I have not seen before on previous slower rigs. About 10 mins or so into each run, screen goes black, sound continues but no input possible from k/board or mouse, cold restart required each time. Please Guys anyone have an answer for this one would much appreciate any help. Havent tried Linus adaptive V-Sync trick yet, will post results later when im back at rig.
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