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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 486 View Post
Get your self videocard (7850 for example), SSD, add 2 more 2GB RAM planks and you will sit golden for another 2 years easily.
Upgrading RAM by 2GB in a 32-bit OS will do nothing for him, as will an SSD if the OP is running anything other than Windows 7 - unless he were to get a non-TRIM supporting drive. And seeing that it is a budget conscience question an SSD would not be a recommendation to suggest for an upgrade.

EDIT: to answer the OP's question, I would not get anything higher than an nVidia's 560Ti, for his build. A 660 is not worth the investment, unless you are building a brand spanking new "budget" rig. A 660Ti is a very good card, but getting one for that machine is a waste of 2 cents.

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