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Considering just 10 days after this write-up, Egg has the SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100352VXSR 7950 - Boost State (850/950MHz) for $330 No Rebate $8.50 shipping.

I think SKYMTL basic contention with this release is mute. Face it the GTX660Ti is satisfactory if only considering a for 1920x/1080P, so saving $30-40 right today is an exception not completely lost. Although, to add 10% for a card with an excellent cooler, along with 3GB GDDR5 with 384-bit, dual bios, ... it a great boon. Verse some gelding silicone, many running a smurf board, with a simple H-S radial fan, 2GB GDDR5 on 192-bit …really!

Right today I would reward AMD with the 10% as they deliver a particularly stout and value load package. To me Nvidia ends up way late to the party with de-contented offering and their customer base swoon over being gouged.

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