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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
My suggestion is to downgrade that house. 5000/sqft is enough to house 5 families of 5

In all serious tho: The 'standard' go-to router is the Asus RT-N16, but I'm not sure its going to fit your 'commercial' grade needs. Lets be honest, 16 port switches, multiple AP/Repeaters...You really should go commercial grade, which is above my level of expertise in choice
Its not my house, mine is smaller. Its an investment property, they don't need anything that big ether but they built it to sell at some point. The commercial grade stuff is from pulls or some random reason I had it kicking around. Thanks for the info, I have seen that router name pop up a couple of times just didn't know if something else better had come out.

Does it have decent range on it? that seems to be the biggest issue is radio power seems to be weak on some of these routers.
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