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Default Help with home AP/Routers

My parents need more wifi coverage in their house then what they have right now. I will hard wire all AP vs repeating to avoid any issues that might happen with coverage. Its not a square box house and is ~5000sq/f I am currently thinking of adding in 3-4 more access points. They currently have a Linksys E1000 with DD-WRT on it for their router and a commercial grade outdoor AP that I gave them. Their house backbone is a cisco 16 port gigabit managed switch I had kicking around.

The linksys is a solid little router but interference or crappy output on the wifi makes it pretty piss poor for that job. What routers or AP do people suggest for AP repeating? I am happy with the DD-WRT firmware so anything that flashes to that is a bonus or a solid factory firmware.

I know very little of residential routers right now. There seems to be a massive pile of steaming crap out there and if I can avoid that for my own head aches that would make me happy.
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