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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
I'm not familiar with these units , can a pump leak? I wasn't awere they could
Anything that is under pressure will always have a weak spot and can leak. In your car its generally the heater core or water pump to fail. In the case of watercooling its generally the pump to fail if too much pressure builds up. Go outside and turn your garden hose on and plug the end and you will see something from the pressure.

But yes these as well as standalone systems can have a pump leak. Remember the only thing making nothing leak is a rubber or nitrile o-ring and if the o-ring fails you are going to have a leak.

This is why while watercooling is generally a safe thing it's also a thing you take a chance that something can fail and take stuff with it and that is unfortunately your loss.

I am not out to say don't buy these units as they work well and server their purpose well but like anything precautions need to be taken when mixing liquid and electronics.
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