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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Closed loops like this or a self built loop always has air its impossible to completely get it it. And even if you could evaporation will cause fluid loss but not in a large quantity and takes awhile for it to happen. Ever notice how when you buy something from a store that contains liquid most of the time it has a air pocket at the top? That is for expansion purposes and the same thing is again needed for water loops.

In regards to the impeller think of it this way. A fan has a lower and upper limit of which it can spin at. If the fan is spinning at its upper speed and then the fluid hits it what happens? Same thing if you were to stick your finger into a 3000rpm fan.. your gonna lose some skin and perhaps the fan blades will break but no matter the outcome its never good.

Swiftech MCP355 pumps would burn out if there was no liquid getting to them as they would overheat due to the design of the pump.
yeah I understand evaporation and expansion but these units would be hardly effected by this. evep would take a long time and it is water so it is not going from one extreme to the other so expansion would be minimal.

as for the pump that still does not explain how air getting in to the impeller would cause this
I have a coolit ECO that just failed the drained coolant onto my motherboard, video card, etc.
Over spinning the impeller made some lager amount of pressure that grenaded the rad
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