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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
One thing enab is forgetting is these are sealed units not open. They are designed to be used by people with zero experience. They are designed to be robust. They are designed to be MAINTENANCE FREE.

The amount of air that would have to be in closed loop design to burn out the impeller...would have to be a lot. AND you would here the mofo long before it burned out. IE when I hear an all in one wc'er making loud 'gurgling' noises...I rma it. Its got air in the lines and made it past QA dept. AND the amount of noise it would make before burning out due to that amount of air that enab is talking would sound like a scalded cat.

Closed loop use neoprene to reduce evaporation. Closed loops are supposed to be properly filled and tested to ensure there is little to no air before hitting shelves (ie they are 'burped' at the factory). So the amount of air that will be in them is minor amount. Could I see them denying an RMA for a burned out pump from the wrong orientation....maybe. It would be a company I would not do business with ever again. But maybe. Should any company deny a LEAKING RAD over orientation. Hell no. Should a company claim that a leak was caused by DUST. Hell no. That is just bad data. If the tech on the line is asking for pictures (besides proof of ownership via close up of SN)...they are fishing for reasons to deny the RMA. Hang up. Get another tech on the line. If the 2nd tech asks the same...its company policy and you say "its been removed from the system. Why would I keep a defective unit in an operating system?". IE never give details that can be used against you.

If the unit was out of warranty and leaked...yeah the OP is screwed. Coolit should have been nicer about it and not claimed some of the BS they did. THAT to me is the real issue. This points to bad things on the RMA of things.

I emailed my contact and have no heard back from them. Sounds like CoolIT is going through rough times. Guess I will not be using them in the future (for awhile). Corsair branded only from now on.

Like I said I'm not saying CoolIt is 100% is innocent in all this and unless we know their manufacturing process for sealing these units we have no idea how full or if there is any air in it but from the conversation I had yesterday there is.

Don't forget Corsair is partnered with CoolIt using their gear.
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